Manufacturers of Malama Torches™ - "Lighting the Hawaiian Night with Aloha" since 1967

Since 1967, Malama Torcheshave been lighting the Hawaiian night with Aloha. Originally created by Native Hawaiian artist Donald Namohala Yuen, the torches continue to be handcrafted on Hawai`i Island by his daughter, Leilehua Yuen, and her husband Manu Josiah, now doing business as LeiManu Designs. Please enjoy your visit through the on-line "show room!"

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Leimanu Designs featured at Volcano Art Center Gala

    Hawai`i Island artists Manu Josiah and Leilehua Yuen were selected as the featured artists to present their unique hand-crafted lighting at the Volcano Art Center annual gala Love the Arts fundraiser. The 2012 event theme is "Carnivale di Venezia - under a Hawaiian Moon."
     “The theme, ‘Carnevale di Venezia: Under a Hawaiian Moon,’ has aspects both of a ‘gimmie,’ and of a real challenge,” Leilehua says. “Moonlight, shadows, the susurrant sea. . . That’s definitely the ‘gimmie.’ Carnevale di Venezia – a bit more of a challenge. I haven’t studied Italian art since my Dad made me copy out sketch after sketch of Da Vinci!”
     “But the common theme in the Venetian schools of art is light. And that’s really our medium. Everything else is just a way of controlling where the light falls and how it is perceived. The Venetian painters were passionately interested in the relationship between light and color. Our pieces explore how light and shadow interact with the colors in the environment around them. . .To read more, click this link

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